Is it possible to recycle the old mattress?

If you are going to buy a new mattress, then what will you do with the old one? Are you going to throw it in the waste? And what you feel if I say you can also recycle your old mattress then? Yes your mattress is made of fully recycle able material. Today I will tell you up to what extent or which kind of material of your mattress is recycle able.

Recycle able parts of mattress

Basically not all parts of the mattress are recycling able. But we can say 90% of the mattresses are able to recycle. Some companies made mattress with unique technology so can it can be used again after recycling when no one can use it. Bestmattress-reviews is the best place to check the reviews of all recyclable mattresses.

Basically a mattress is made of steel, foam, cotton and wood. Now we know all these things are in the categories of reuse. Steel is considered as the component which takes too long to recycle as compared to wood, cotton and foam. Wood in the mattress is usually used to keep it in shape for the long period. Foam to provide it firmness. You should always ask for the recycle able mattresses when you are going to buy them. Because only recycling can help make the world better and preserve the resources for unlimited coming generations.

Mattress recycling Agencies

These are special agencies made to only recycle the mattress. What you have to is just call them, they will pick your mattress from your home and take to their factory where the recycle the mattress. First of all the components of the mattress are divided into parts. They torn it and separate all the components. In some factories this process is done manually and in some this process is done by machines. After separation they recycle the specific component in specific recycle machine made for them. After recycle they are ready to reuse again. So, they will send them back to the manufacturer to craft them in the brand new and beautiful masterpiece again for their customers.